Kill Yourself Coin

Decentralizing suicide requests for the modern world

What is Kill Yourself Coin?

As earth’s population grows ever exponentially, the amount of assholes on the internet grows with it. We’ve decided to both capitalize upon that problem and attempt to fix it at the same time by introducing Kill Yourself Coin, the world's first decentralized network of people telling each other to off themselves.
In the modern age, giving helpful advice over the internet can be difficult, attention-drawing, and even incriminating depending on your country. With the anonymity (and fun!) of blockchain technology, KYS coin gives guidance in a way never before possible, to anonymous people that your recommendations previously couldn’t reach!
First Mover

Up until now, communication over the Ethereum blockchain was limited and complicated. With KYS Coin, you’ll get your point across instantly in ways never before possible!

Adjustable Levels of Persuasion

The more KYS Coin you send someone, the more likely you are to convince them!

Lightning Fast

Built on the power of the Ethereum blockchain, there’s no faster or more secure way to instantly nudge someone in the right direction.

Morally Redeemable

We’re proud to say that 10% of all token sale proceeds will be going to support suicide prevention organizations around the globe.


Before you pull the trigger, pull the trigger on your purchase of KYS coins

The token sale is live!

Kill Yourself Coin ICO

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Recommended Gas Limit: 200,000

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10% of all proceeds will be evenly distributed to the following organizations:
As never before seen on


  • Isn’t this immoral?
  • We would argue that taking money from those who wish suicide upon others actually makes us the good guys here. It’s you immoral heathens that are going to hell.
  • How do I give you my money?
  • Simply send your ETH to the contract address from an ERC-20 compatible address (not an exchange), and hopefully you’ll receive some KYS coins in return.
  • How do I kill myself?
  • First ask your doctor if suicide is right for you. They’ll probably say yes. Consult the internet for further steps. I hear 4Chan is the educational haven full of experts on this topic.
  • What should I do if I receive KYS coins?
  • Probably kill yourself.
  • Despise the creators of this coin?
  • Buy some KYS coin and send it to their ETH address to let them know how you really feel: 0xd407F7ec2a5397C84537B17D58355A5FED6F8B2D


Joost van Doorn


"It really works!"

John McAfee

Playboy millionaire

“Fuck coin of the day, this is coin of the goddamn year.”

Peter Shepard

Missing since last Wednesday

“Someone sent me some, and I knew what I had to do.”

Crypto "Experts" Everywhere

Unfortunately still alive

"It’s like Request Network but for suicide!"